1. What types of practices will DAOI focus on?
    DAOI’s focus will include but not be limited to:
    – Xing Yi
    – Ba Gua
    – Tai Chi
    – Xiu Dao
    – Qi Gong
    – Traditional Chinese Medicine
    – Chinese Philosophy

  2. Is DAOI a martial art school?
    No, not at all.

  3. Is DAOI affiliated with any martial art schools?
    Not yet. DAOI will announce its plans soon.

  4. Does DAOI have an owner?
    No, DAOI is a non-profit organization. It has founders but no owner.

  5. Who can become a member?
    Anyone who supports DAOI’s mission and principles is welcome to become a member.

  6. Can I sign up for membership right away?
    Not yet, DAOI will make an announcement once membership registration is open.