Call to Writers

  1. Writing for DAOI:

In order to facilitate the long term growth of the Daoist Internal Arts community, we need contributions from teachers, students, experts, and lovers of the Internal Arts to help us gradually build our vision of a systematic knowledge base of all aspects of these arts.

As such we are looking for articles about the following subjects:

  • The Internal Martial Arts: Articles can be on theory, practice, stories, history, or other topics relevant to helping readers understand your art and what makes it function,
  • Qigong and Meditation: Again, the above categories are all acceptable, let us know how your system works.
  • Eastern Medicine: TCM, Japanese, Korean, and other forms of Eastern Medicine are all welcome.
  • Daoism: Philosophy, practice, and religion are all relevant topics.
  • Chinese Arts and Culture: Relevant topics may include but are not limited to brush painting, calligraphy, tea culture, Feng Shui etc…

    2. Article Format:

Articles are preferably between 800-1500 words (or longer periodicals) in length, formatted in one of the acceptable formats (see FAQ doc), and checked for spelling and grammar.

We are looking for insightful, original content which tells us about your art, your understanding, and your story.

We especially like presentation of traditional information which can be verified either by living members of a tradition or through textual documents and prefer that you acknowledge if your content is based on new and original ideas.  We welcome new ideas, but it is vital to differentiate them from already existing traditions for the purpose of avoiding ambiguity.

Please submit any photos or original media you would like to include with your article.